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i mean look at this menu: mouthwatering.

Our Executive Chef Daniel Peters is teaming up with Sarah Pidgeon resident winemakers at Wynns Coonawarra Estate. Sarah has given us her wine selection to create a fabulous 5 course menu. Chef Daniel & Nicolas took great care in designing an inspiring selection of delicacy matching every wine’s specification. No expected rich red wine sauce, instead a symphony of flavours

a word on Sarah:

In 1998 Sarah was appointed winemaker at the renowned Wynns Coonawarra Estate winery. Here she feels privileged to continue the tradition of excellence and innovation, working with fruit from some of Australia’s top vineyards on the internationally famed terra rossa soil.

A love of well cellared, mature wines has been cultivated through her custodianship of the precious Wynns museum wines. An intense knowledge of the terroir of Coonawarra vineyards, and great skill with coaxing the best from old vine Cabernets are among her constant rewards.

Questioning and challenging are important to ensuring a healthy future for Wynns and to this end Sarah has contributed to many important trials including development of a rigorous oak selection programme, and other technical trials for the winery.

A graduate of the prestigious Len Evans Wine Tutorial, her recent judging experience spans a decade at both regional and national shows.

Colleague and protégé of former Winemaker of the Year winners Sue Hodder and Allen Jenkins, Sarah Pidgeon is making her mark at Wynns with some highly successful wines.

Making her mark with the V&A Lane wines of Wynns Coonawarra Estate, Sarah Pidgeon is an insightful winemaker, aware of the custodianship and responsibility one has when working with an historical, much-loved brand, though she is also brave in her pursuit to push the boundaries of convention and style.

Limited Seats. Reservation only. No Menu Alteration.

TueSDAY 20th AUGUST 2019 | DINNER ONLY | ONE SEATING AT 6.15 | Limited Seating

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