Black Truffle & Wine Dinner

195 per person

Welcome to the Australian Winter, June to August is season to something great.

Of all ingredients used by chefs, none share the unique attributes of the tuber melanosporum aka Black truffle or perigord truffle.

A truffle is the highly aromatic, subterranean, fruit of a fungi growing on the roots of specific host trees. There are literally hundreds of varieties of truffle that exist in almost all continents, yet only a handful have any real significance in the culinary world. It is therefore mainly the French Black truffle, Tuber melanosporum, often referred to as the ‘Black Diamond of The Kitchen’ that has been planted in cultivated truffieres in Europe, Australia and in a range of locations around the globe.

Enough bla-bla-bla and more cooking, join us for this once a year event we pride ourselves in putting together this awesome night blending French tradition and australian produces.

Limited Seats. Reservation only. No Menu Alteration.

WEDNESDAY 07th AUGUST 2019 | DINNER ONLY | ONE SEATING AT 6.15 | Limited Seating

    If you have any special requests please leave them here. Eg. Table seating, etc.

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